31 December 2022

Blogging Year in Review: 2022

At 126 articles, I exceeded last year's grand total by 31 articles and my yearly goal by 66 articles. In terms of individual blog output, Applied Phantasticality increased by 24, Theoretical Swashbuckling increased by nine, Creative Reckoning increased by one, Savage Arts & Sciences remained steady, and Decidedly Six-Sided decreased by six. Alas, I failed to create and publish even one RPG zine. Nonetheless, I am etching it once again on the Great Stone of Challenge in addition to my standard goal:

In 2023, I, Gordon A. Cooper, will post a minimum of one article per gaming blog per month for a minimum total of five articles per month. In addition, I might create and publish one or more RPG zines. (No pressure.)

Here is my total gaming blog output for 2022:

  1. Applied Phantasticality: 55 articles
  2. Theoretical Swashbuckling: 25 articles
  3. Savage Arts & Sciences: 19 articles
  4. Creative Reckoning: 14 articles
  5. Decidedly 6-Sided: 13 articles

Grand Total: 126 articles

See you in 2023!

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