03 October 2022

Blogging Month in Review: September 2022

September was not the month I hoped it would be blogwise, and it marks both a decrease of momentum and a failure to meet my quota (one article per blog per month). Decidedly Six-Sided stumbled in the race with zero articles for the month (a first for the year), and the others hobbled by with one article each. It is regrettable, but explainable, for September has been a tumultuous month beyond my blogging hobby. I left a job I have held for 17 years to begin a new career, which is distracting enough, but something else occurred of even greater significance. I am still weighing whether to discuss it publicly.

Be seeing you...

  1. Applied Phantasticality: 1 article
  2. Creative Reckoning: 1 article
  3. Savage Arts & Sciences: 1 article
  4. Theoretical Swashbuckling: 1 article
  5. Decidedly Six-Sided: 0 articles

Grand Total: 4 articles

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